What type of coffee company is JustFreshRoasted ?

Date Posted:2 June 2018 

What type of coffee company is JustFreshRoasted ?

When you look at our website, and indeed the sites of many other coffee sellers in Australia, there is no real sense of the size or scale for the business you are dealing with.

Since the pandemic in early 2020, every coffee company in Australia has now pivoted into the online segment.

Some are so small they are operating from their garage/loungeroom (not entirely compliant with food safety) whilst others are small cafes trying to make a few bucks on the side by trying to sell coffee online.

There are also a lot of brands that don't even roast their own coffees and instead are just hollow marketing businesses trying to dazzle with amazing websites, fake promises about "we source the best" when in reality they are outsourcing the entire production to 3rd parties using the cheapest option of drop-shipping, contract roasting or private label - for these operators it's never about quality, nor freshness as everything is built to the lowest possible price.

Making it even more difficult is that JustFreshRoasted has never been seen in a supermarket shelf or a cafe - so how do you trust a brand you have not tried ?

Well, there are some good reasons why we don't appear in supermarkets or cafes...........please allow us to explain below.

Are we a cafe supplier ? a supermarket supplier ? or a contract roasting operation ?

Well, none of the above actually for some very good reasons as the cafe suppliers and the supermarket suppliers and the contract roasters all of them operate in the same mode - cheapest price, margin-focused medicority that's never about coffee excellence.

We import and source all our own raw coffees, we roast, pack and ship all our coffee inhouse. Nothing is outsourced. We control the quality lifecycle from end to end.

Starting more than 15 years ago with our own warehouse we have built the best coffee roasting infrastructure with a dedicated focus in the online segment - long before selling online was popular.

With more than 15 years experience delivering premium grade fresh roasted coffees with a focus on delicious single origins for the Australian and New Zealand markets, as an original pioneer of selling coffee online over that extensive timeframe we have developed smart tools, processes and experience to do it faster and better than anyone else.

Our parent company has since grown into the largest specialised supplier of quality online coffees to the Australian home and office markets.

We recognized long ago that to compete in a tough coffee market, we had to offer more for less.

That is, give the customer a higher quality product with superior freshness for a lower price - these became our basic set of values.

The only intelligent way to retail fresh roasted coffee is to have the product created daily, just like a baker with bread or a dairy supplier with milk and it means shipping fresh roasted coffees directly to the customer so they can enjoy the wonderful coffee at it's absolute peak.

It's exactly what we have been doing for a long time - selling direct to customers and JustFreshRoasted is a natural extension of that philosophy.

JustFreshRoasted is a brand that sits alongside brands in our parent company portfolio - JustFreshRoasted is a niche offering designed to be nimble and innovative, which, after all, is exactly what the internet is all about.

Whilst it's not appropriate for us to disclose our production volumes publicly, however to give you a sense of comfort, our position in the total Australian coffee market sits somewhere between the top 5% in terms of overall size and capacity.

With more than 2000+ coffee brands in Australia, we are widely regarded as a medium to large coffee company.

Our roasting infrastructure is best-in-class industrial grade with modern platforms leveraging the most advanced systems available in the world for roasting coffee - Brambati's latest generation of full-automated BR series.

Our coffee roasting platforms are indeed state of the art and nothing comes close to matching our flexibility, precision and consistency.

All coffees are roasted in our Melbourne facilities which is rated as one of the best available within Australia - fully controlled environment to effectively manage the wide spectrum of variables during the production of roasted coffee with packaging completed within 30 minutes of roasting. 

These are significant investments in quality and scale - we operate full lab, R &D, and quality systems.

We have also won more than 30 medals at Australia's most competitive coffee roasting events, numerous gold medals and event champions, but we don't use the tired, old "award winning coffee" tagline to market our products.

Shop with confidence - your coffee is expertly roasted by one of Australia's best coffee roasters on arguably Australia's best coffee roasting infrastructure using the best quality raw coffee grades.