Changes to our Shipping offer

We have changed our shipping partner to Sendle from mid August 2017


We are one of the original pioneers of online premium coffee supply.

After a decade, we have learned a lot about what customers want and how to get it to them.

Whilst we have dramatically improved our product quality over the last 10 years, we can't say the same has occurred to the freight providers and to be brutally honest, whilst we run extremely fast to get our fresh roasted products out the door on the way to customers, the freight providers always seem to be the weakest link in what should be a superb solution.

Unfortunately, the quality of shipping in Australia has actually gone backwards - they are slower, more expensive and rough handling seems to be on the rise from mechanical tipping of large cages full of heavy freight.

The surge in online businesses selling everything from car tyres, batteries, furniture and all thing imaginable means that freight companies are struggling under the rapidly increasing parcel volumes and what is referred to as "ugly" freight - those awkward shaped items that clog the parcel centres, causing millions of parcels to queue up waiting to be scanned.

Roads are also highly congested and more people are living in high density buildings making the final drop-off all that more challenging and time consuming for the delivery agent.

As a veteran of more than 300,000 parcels, we have acute insights into what works and what doesn't.

Over the last decade we have remained loyal to Australia Post as our primary supplier of consumer freight and TNT as our business freight provider, however, both these suppliers are failing miserably in their service charters to deliver within specification, or more to the point, they are unable to deal with incidents in a fair and reasonable manner. We always end up copping the losses.

AusPost has become too slow and prone to routing errors and excessive damage whilst TNT are blatantly over-charging by up to 40% on many consignments and make it extremely difficult to dispute invalid charges.

After dealing with these systemic and chronic problems for a long time, we have made a change.

From mid-August 2017, we are switching our shipping to Sendle.

This innovative Australian company partners with best-in-class providers to create tailored and focused freight solutions that suit our style of business.

Nobody likes paying for freight and in Australia it's both slow and expensive.

Sendle will not work out cheaper (except for remote customers on certain parcel sizes) but it will give us a superior transit time - something we already know is a key and important requirement for our customers - nobody wants to wait for coffee to arrive.

Sendle also includes free insurance for all of our consignments - AusPost were never going to offer transit cover without making us and you pay more money.

Sendle covers 94% of the Australian population, so for those customers that are not able to use Sendle please contact us and we can arrange an alternative.