Organic Peru Coffee Capsules - 120

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  • Acidity: Medium with balanced
  • Body: Rich, syrupy, full
  • Aroma: Cocoa, nuts
  • Flavour: Sweet dark chocolate and long toffee finish
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100% Arabica, 100% Organic Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Buy 120 premium Nespresso compatible 100% arabica, 100% certified Organic Peru single origin coffee capsules, roasted daily in our best-in-class roastery and capsule plant.

At 50 cents per capsule (or cheaper if you purchase multiple packs) for a specialty grade, certified organic, fresh coffee capsule that's exceptional value.

A sensational Peru fully certified Organic coffee roasted to a delicious balance of flavor, sweetness and body.

Deep dark chocolate, blackcurrant and rich toffee with a long, sweet finish.

  • Best freshness - roasted daily in Melbourne and packed into the most advanced capsule system available on the market to protect the flavours with equivalent oxygen barrier protection as aluminium.
  • Only 100% arabica coffees and 100% certified Organic - no chemicals, no pesticides and no fertilizers.
  • We control everything in-house - sourcing raw coffee, roasting, de-gas, grinding, filling, packing, selling, dispatching - nothing is sent out to external parties which means we control the full end-to-end quality.

Do fresh roasted capsules make a difference ?

For maximum enjoyment it's critical to use fresh roasted coffee and this is also true for your choice of Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules.

We are one of the few fully vertically integrated capsule providers in Australia - importing specialty grade, fully certified raw Organic coffees, roasting in our world-class facility, carefully controlling the critical degassing in specialized nitrogen chambers, advanced Italian-made roller grinding mills and our customized capsule plant producing the highest favoured coffee capsules.

We create a fresher capsule, with superior taste and amazing aromas.

Working only with high-grade 100% arabica coffee, it's carefully processed into an advanced co-polymer capsule base providing equivalent oxygen barrier protection to aluminium.

Environment friendly capsules Versus Co-Polymer/Aluminium - which is best ?

Eco and bio resins used in environmentally friendly coffee capsules fail to adequately retain the essential volatile coupounds in fresh roasted and ground coffee. But you think it's sealed and therefore fresh ?


Fresh roasted coffee is unlike all other food ingredients - the flavours, aromas, acidity, body and everything we love about fresh roasted coffee degrades rapidly. These are the volatile compounds that leach or pass through plastics, papers and all these new bio resins to diminish and destroy the quality experience for coffee.

Did you know that when fresh roasted coffee is ground you have less than 20 minutes before approx. 75% of the essential volatile compounds in the coffee are lost through oxydization. That's not an exaggeration, it's well known fact, just go an ask your cafe barista, they know ground coffee goes stale very quickly.

Bio capsules promise great benefits at disposal and most can only be properly processed when commercially processed (at industrial plants), but the fact is today they still don't provide effective barrier protection which means the coffee is going stale the moment it's produced.

It's also the reason why Nespresso's own genuine capsules are made of aluminium because it's crucial to preserve the volatile compounds of fresh roasted coffee. Our capsules have equivalent freshness protection as aluminium.

Sellers marketing the hype of environmentally friendly capsules never disclose the disadvantages or advertise the real losses in quality of their product - so they hide these facts by reducing the best before date.

We have the industry's best performing capsule base with an OTR rating of 0.0004 cm3/day/capsule giving an effective shelf life of greater than 12 months before reaching 2% O2 level.

This performance is on average 10 times better than bio capsules.

Our capsules have equivalent oxygen barrier protection to aluminium, yet the materials used in the construction of the co-polymer capsule base require less than 30% of the carbon footprint compared to aluminium. All base ingredients used are sourced from recycled materials.

100% Arabica because that's what makes the best capsule

Customers tell us our capsules are superior to anything else on the market.

Our capsules taste sweet - not bitter, never bland or harsh and it's all due to our prevailing strategy of using only 100% arabica and 100% organic coffees - compared to the rest of the market that sadly believe burning dark roasted robusta is the only answer to creating sufficient "bite" in a capsule.

The robusta used by other capsule sellers is in fact grown at low altitude with huge amounts of chemicals - absolutely drowning in pesticides and fertilizers. 

Robusta is a key element used in almost all coffee capsules and pods along with energy drinks and instant coffee.

Fine quality arabica coffees only grow at high altitude, where the air is thin, cool and pests are literally non-existent.

We don't like robusta, never have and doubt we ever will.

Robusta tastes like wood, rubber and tar and we simply just don't need robusta because we know how to select the right quality arabicas and more importantly we know how to roast it for optimal flavour, sweetness and balance.

Why drink capsules filled with robusta and dangerous chemicals ?

We are confident that our fresh roasted Nespresso compatible classic coffee capsules produce a quality extraction from your Nespresso* compatible capsule machine and offer you the ideal flexibility across both black and milk-based coffee brews.

Customers tell us you can actually drink our capsule coffee black - it's incredibly sweet and we see customers returning often for more capsules.

For those of you who can't add milk or don't like milk in their coffee, we have the solution for you.

The coffee for these capsules is roasted in small batches and converted in our capsule plant to ensure freshness - nothing is sent off-site for processing like all the other coffee companies.

As we only manufacture and sell 100% Organic coffee capsules, our processing plants (de-gas chambers, grinders, transport, capsule machine, etc.) do not need to be regularly sanitised between production runs of Organic coffees, this is only performed when changing over to run Decaf. Overall, this is a benefit that reduces the risks of trace elements from the cleaning agents being retained on equipment surfaces.

We are fully commitment to ensuring total purity of our product - we are not a contract processors like all the other capsule converters in Australia, we only process our own products inhouse.

Nespresso-compatible "classic" capsules

Our coffee capsules are suitable for Nespresso classic type capsule machines.

The coffee capsules are NOT suitable for MAP, Lavazza, Aldi, Caffitaly, Dulce Gusto, Nespresso Certuo or the large proprietary Nespresso Professional Commercial/automatic systems typically installed in hospitality or beverage outlets.

Our justfreshroasted capsules are roasted right here in Melbourne, Australia by us in our Tier 1 roasting facility, the coffee is stored in special degassing chambers to reach the ideal levels before converted within our own in-house capsule plant.

We control every stage of the product development locally - nothing is out-sourced.

Shipping and Packaging of coffee capsules

Capsules can be easily damaged in the Australian parcel networks.

For protection during shipping, instead of packing the capsules into a small cartons like all other retailers where the capsules are easily damaged by rough freight handlers, we instead use a transparent padded cell containing 15x 100% arabica, 100% organic coffee capsules. 

The 15x pack cells are placed into plain cartons for shipping and for this product there are 8x cells of 15x capsules each cell.

Please be sure you know your own machine model and what type of consumables it uses.

Our capsule base is certified internationally by HANSECONTROL, dated August 2020 - the capsule base is made in Europe.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your equipment.

NOTE: the colour of the capsule base may change from time to time based upon our production inventory and availability of the materials from Europe. We have shown the black capsule base in our images, but there could be orange, green, blue, red or white capsules. Colour of the base does not impact the performance of the capsule or the coffee packed inside.

* Nespresso is a trademark owned by Societe Des Products Nestle SA and is used in our documents, articles and listings in a descriptive capacity only. We are not affiliated with, supported or endorsed by Nespresso (Societe Des Products Nestle SA). Our intent is to define a purpose that our coffee capsules are compatible with and operate successfully in capsule machines that use certain licensed Nespresso technology.


Nespresso capsules have just 5.2g of ground coffee and it's not possible to increase the dosage without causing brew failures.

So, with just 5.2g of coffee we are trying to achieve flavors that consumers are accustomed in cafes using on average 20g, or more than 400% more coffee.

You can see now why the engineering behind capsules is somewhat restrictive and challenging - it's not possible to increase the dosage and we don't want to use harsh, bitter coffees that have terrible "bite".

With more than 14 years of single-serve portion control experience, we fully understand the dynamics of flavour versus sweetness. Coffee is not about terrible taste, it should be rewarding and memorable.

There are only a small number of coffee capsule plants in Australia - we are one of them. This gives us incredible flexibility not only with quality but also freshness as all our competitors are contract converters that are only concerned about volume and cost, not quality.

This full vertical integration is what sets us apart from every other capsule seller in Australia and enables us to manage the freshness in an entirely different manner, ensuring you receive the best possible capsule experience available.

A cracking good Peru Organic coffee used as the feature for this 100% Organic certified coffee capsule.

Loving the dark chocolate and super-long toffee finish.

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