What to expect from our coffee roasting style

What is our style of coffee roasting ?



What to expect from our coffee roasting style


If there is one thing I've learned about coffee from working with it over 35 years, it's that everybody has a different set of receptors when it comes to taste and preference.

I remember a decade ago making coffees on espresso machines at various events we would do as a weekend gig a few times a year, e.g. donating to charities, the local school fetes, etc.

Preparing each coffee with exacting precision to ensure consistency, I was always amazed at the wide spectrum of responses received from the customers. Delicious, yum, a bit too strong, too weak, not hot enough, too hot, needs more chocolate, love the caramel, wanted something with nut, have you got a fruity coffee ? etc.

On and on it would go - serve the same coffee to 6 people and you get 5 different sets of feedback.

It became a personal crusade to discover the "true centre" of the espresso beverage.

That elusive spot right in the middle where nobody could argue it wasn't just simply delicious.

This journey has been 10 years in the making and roughly 40,000+ batches of coffee roasting.

Of course, along the way there had been many detours, wrong pathways and dead-ends.

Making matter worse was the inclusion of a group of close cafe customers that I both deeply respected and regarded as having incredibly tuned coffee palates - they owned and operated successful outlets, so they have a decent handle on what works and what does'nt.

Little did I realize at the time these folks exhibited exactly the same reactions as a general coffee drinker when faced with a moment of coffee truth - they opted for their own personal bias and the influence of their opinions over my thoughts of coffee was at time dominating - here I was the scientist and they were the judging panel. Judges that at times changed or flipped in their opinions.

There were moments when the coffee was shifting from light to dark, from nutty to fruity, acidic to neutral, all in the name of finding this damned holy grail - true centre.

It's only when I started to close my ears and eyes so that I could focus on the essential basics that I began to see gradual, relative improvement.

Finding the epicentre was hard work, but like most things in life once you find it, everything becomes almost second nature and blatantly obvious.

Coffee needs to balance. There are too many forces at work - numerous acids, flavours, fruits, sweet and sour elements that at times can shift the cup in any direction. At times, there is a fight or battle inside the cup, so it's important to understand why and how.

So, what can you expect from our roasting style.

Each bean deserves it's own unique treatment. I roast all the coffees myself personally, we maintain an incredible knowledge base on how each bean behaves inside of the roasting chamber as they all react differently to heat, time, pressure, etc.

With this experience, we craft a profile to ensure the coffee bean is roasted to develop the full potential of the coffee's characteristics - within a theme.

We don't do dark roasted coffee - that's just lazy. There is really no place for dark roasted coffee beans in the Australian market - our consumers desire sweetness, acidity and complexity with their coffee.

Similarly, light roasted coffees that preserve the fruit elements can pose problems with sourness, thin body, lack of cut-through in milk for espresso. Light roasted coffees are best suited for various brew types, not for espresso (unless you are super-skilled with top-shelf equipment).

We roast to a medium depth that is prior to 2nd crack. We attempt to draw maximum flavours from a coffee bean without venturing into the "roasty" side. The coffee must be sweet and balanced as it may be used in all different types of brew applications.

It's important to point out that roasting a coffee darker does not mean it's stronger or possessing higher flavours. In fact, darker roasting destroys the "goodness" of a coffee as it disappears up the chimney having been "roasted out".

Our coffees are roasted to a specialty grade standard. That means it's similar or superior to what's typically available in premium or quality cafes.