Single Origin Indonesian Coffee Beans

Indonesian or Sumatran coffees are well respected for the very low acidity, thick, almost heavy body and for their ability to generate a monster crema on the top of your extraction.

Mainly for the above reasons, Indonesian (Sumatran, we will just use one or the other from now on.) coffees are included as part of high-quality espresso blends. These days however, the demand for high quality Sumatran beans has outstripped the supply. Because of this, the price of the best Sumatran coffee beans trades at a decent premium to the market. Sourcing quality beans in a competitive segment remains an ongoing seasonal challenge.

Currently, we have a great offering from the Aceh Gayo area. They are a Grade 1 lot and have been prepared traditionally, by using the wet hulled method. This helps deliver incredible flavours, complexity and a lovely sweetness.

These are punchy Indonesian coffee beans that require a finer grind setting for your espresso brew. Super high quality beans that are roasted daily to ensure you, our valued customers get the freshest coffee possible online. They offer tons of chocolatey flavour that also abounds with clean acids. Order them before they are gone.

Sumatra Coffee Beans

Sumatra Coffee Beans

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