Nicaraguan Coffee Beans Single Origin

If you are after the best single origin coffee beans from Nicaragua, you have found them here. We also roast to order daily so you will not find fresher coffee online.

Nicaraguan coffees are known to be very clean and well balanced. There was a time they were so well prepared in fact that we found them to be bit boring and were losing interest. But that all changed a few years back when we found the amazing Diamond.

They are a seriously hard bean, very dense and grown high in the mountains. These beans have a powerful flavour, intense body and super long finish. If they were responsible for reigniting our thirst for Nicaraguan coffees, then they must be really special.

We have selected five stunning micro lots from a specialty grade segment. Our plan is to feature these on rotation so we would love to get your feedback. They should be available throughout 2017 if supply lasts. We have a similar offer with our Honduran coffee beans, where we rotate them as they are all that good.

A distinctive note that we look for, and is prized in Nicaraguan coffee beans is nougat. It is a delicious part of a coffee flavour profile and is in these stunning examples from a truly premium coffee growing region. Welcome back Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Coffee Beans

Nicaragua Coffee Beans

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