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Premium Kenyan Coffee Beans Online

Kenyan coffee beans are some of the most sought after and have a rightful place right up near the top of the coffee quality tree. Premium quality coffe from Kenya is as good as it gets, on par with other premium regions.

While Kenyan coffees are highly sought after, we only sell our best single origin beans on the site.

Some of the reasons for their high quality include the following

  • Kenyan farmers know they get more money for good beans and have their processes created to get the best quality beans from their farms.
  • The elevation at which the farms are located are amongst the highest of all coffee producing nations.
  • The overall focus is on quality. Not just the farmer but also the processor, their storage facilities and wholesale markets are un-matched by other coffe producing countries.

Becasue of the quality, Kenya coffees are commonly among the most expensive in the world. Others include Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and some Hawaiin and Kona beans.

The green bean auction system that is used in Kenya ensures that any lot we buy is fully traceable. This is another factor that drives quality higher.

Most Kenyan coffee beans are usually hard and dense. This helps contribute to their high flavor punch, which is only rivalled by Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffee beans.

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Kenyan Coffee

Kenyan Coffee

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