Single Origin Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemalan coffees are generally very well respected by most specialty roasters in Australia. This is because they deliver a strong flavour combined with an elegant sweetness too.

These are the main two reasons why many quality roasters will include Guatemala beans as part of their premium espresso blends. They offer the highlight feature that many drinkers will appreciate. 

The beans we are currently most proud to have are from Huehuetenango. These prized single origin beans offer flavours such as peanut, dark chocolate, a great body, sparkling acidity and a long caramel finish. Delicious.

They are our seasonal feature offering and are an absolute delight. We roast them only when ordered, so you can be sure they will be the freshest you can get online. The quality of our roasting equipment and packaging is truly second to none. Just what these beans deserve.

Guatemala Coffee Beans

Guatemala Coffee Beans

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