Costa Rica

Single Origin Costa Rican Coffee Beans

Here you can order our seasonal offering from Costa Rica. They are premium quality single origin Costa Rican beans that we will roast on the day you order. Making them not only specialty grade beans but also as freshly roasted as you will find online.

Costa Rica’s coffee beans are almost all grown at high altitudes This results in them being considered a very "hard" bean. It is this kind of bean that adds the lively zestiness to any blend. Of course they are also amazing when drunk as a single origin.

When Costa Rica coffee beans are well roasted, they are sweet and are high on the acid side. This makes them an ideal choice for milk based coffees. They are some of the best coffees for a café latte, cappuccino or flat-white drinker.

Our current specialty selection is from the Llano Bonito district. It has thick a toffee, chocolate nuttiness. The sublime grape acidity balances the sweetness perfectly in the cup. You will love it and you can’t buy fresher.