Delivery Policy

Everything we do at is focused upon 4 core objectives:-

  • Quality,
  • Freshness,
  • Speed, and
  • Value.

All four of these characteristics need to be performing at their absolute peak/top levels with supreme consistency.

If any of these 4 functional areas slips, even by just a fraction, then we know almost immediately that our customers may become disappointed and potentially unlikely to return or recommend us.

That's very important - in fact, it's the key to running an online retail business - it's critical that our customers remain delighted - in online retail you never get a second chance.  

With more than 1,100 brands of coffee being sold in Australia and 200+ in New Zealand, you cannot risk failures as there is no second chance.

In articles featured throughout our store, you can read about our unwavering commitment to freshness and our elaborate, extensive processes that underpin quality.

What's not so evident is our track record of speed.

We have been running online premium coffee businesses for 10 years and over the time we have learned a lot about the expectations of our customers.

Take for example when you place an order for coffee. It's generally going to be the case that you have run out, or about to run out very soon because almost nobody is well organized enough to time their coffee deliveries perfectly.

Like any essential ritualistic daily need, running out of coffee is dire - son't worry, we really understand the importance..

So, we already know, or I should say we are already expecting that when you place an order, you want us to ship it straight away and we also realize that waiting on freight companies to deliver a parcel is highly frustrating - so getting the fresh product on the way is our entire and extreme focus throughout the whole day.

Our business is competing with traditional retailers in that a physical store, or shop, provides you with the ultimate level of convenience - buy now and take it with you immediately.

The only advantages we have is in quality, price and freshness over traditional bricks and mortar retailing.

For our online business to be superior against the retail shops, we have to offer a fresher product, a higher quality product and a competitive price delivered to your door. All this needs to be undertaken in a quick timeframe else we lose the opportunity to delight our customers.

In shipping more than 300,000 parcels over the last 10 years all around Australia, we managed to achieve more than 99.97% of those orders dispatched the same day (business days) when the order was received by 4pm.

With the introduction of different shipping providers, the 4pm cutoff time is becoming more difficult to manage as freigh companies need to collect our parcels by 2pm each day in order to ensure the manifest arrives at their depots in time to make the connecting transits for distribution.

As you can appreciate, the demands of keeping the product fresh (low inventory) versus sending it when an order is received are complex and challenging. Truth is, this is our biggest headache each day as both these objectives of freshness and inventory levels are in constant tension - pulling against each other in opposite directions.

Nobody can predict the future. So it's pretty damn hard to think how many of what coffee to roast each day.

We roast around 20 different coffees daily, 6 days a week - some of these coffees we do multiple batches within a day based upon order volumes. We turn over our product extremely fast - this enables us to solve the freshness target.

For speed, we have a fully integrated computer system that rapidly tracks the roast stock, customer order, picking, packing and dispatch without the need for manual intervention. This means we can typically pick and prepare your parcel in minutes, not hours or days like most retailers - assuming the fresh roasted stock is there - it's all electronic which also contributes to less human errors.

Some of the best online retailers in the world will never be able to process customer orders in under 5 minutes - we are very proud to announce we can.

Out of Stock

In the rare case we don't have enough roasted coffee to cover an order, that coffee will be automatically scheduled for roasting in the evening for the next dispatch day.

To put this into perspective, you must keep in mind that 99.97% of our orders are processed the same day, if the order is received by 3pm on a business day.

We could achieve 100% order fulfilment, but it would negatively impact our freshness target, so these fine lines are being managed on an hourly basis throughout the day.

Our strategy is to place freshness above inventory at all times. This is something we have done for the last decade and it's served us well according to our customer feedback. It's far more expensive for us to operate this way, but we honestly can't achieve the freshness goal without it.

How we send your parcels

All customer orders are packed in brand new cartons.

We use either Sendle or Australia Post business parcel standard service for all our consignments and in some parts of Australia and New Zealand we offer an Express Parcel service.

Most of our customers are in residential delivery areas and many general freight couriers will not handle residential deliveries. There are also restrictions on many services such as Parcel Lockers and PO Boxes that can only be delivered using Australia Post or StarTrack.

General couriers have strong preferences for business-to-business freight services and often hit merchants like us with expensive surcharges for residential freight or futile delivery attempts. Couriers also lack the essential infrastructure for convenient pickups from a futile delivery attempt.

Authority to Leave


All of our parcels have track & trace for security, unless you "untick" the check box in the Checkout page.


This means you will need to provide a signature when the parcel is presented at the time of delivery and if you are not present for the delivery, it may be carded and you will need to arrange another collection with the freight provider. Instructions on how to organize this re-delivery or collection will be provided on the card.

If you collect the parcel from an Australia Post outlet, they may ask you to identify yourself which is likely to involve appropriate ID verification. It's also important to ensure the addressee on the consignment is the same person collecting the parcel as the freight company may refuse to allow a surrogate to collect a parcel.

You are also welcome to ask us to set the Authority to Leave, or to Set as Safe Drop.

From 1 April 2017, Australia Post will be changing their default option from Authority to Leave to Safe Drop.

When a parcel is instructed to leave without signature, please understand that the security of the parcel may be placed at risk.

StarTrack parcels are set for Authority to Leave as we are charge a hefty fee if the delivery attempt is futile.

Sendle allows for a redeliver, but if your parcel can't be delivered within 5 days it will be automatically returned to us.

Tracking Notification

Most customers these days are familiar with the tracking notification emails.

These messages are sent to your registered email address at various stages throughout the transit commencing with the initial notification once the parcel has been collected from our premises (dispatched).

The tracking notifications are issued by freight provider - not us.

Once your order leaves our roastery, we also mark your order as Dispatched which will generate an email notification informing you that the parcel is on it's way.

All tracking of your order is performed on the freight provider's systems - not ours.

On the day of delivery, the freight provider will normally send you a notification that the parcel is to be delivered today and another notification indicating the parcel is onboard with a driver. Again, these notifications are sent by the freight service provider, not us.

Transit Times

Please understand, we cannot control or influence the performance of freight companies in relation to their transit timeframes.

We also cannot give you delivery timeframe indicators over the phone or email as the service is entirely out of our control.

We do our absolute best to lodge your parcel fast.

Every merchant and every parcel in the network experiences an equal level of performance - there are no faster services unless you selected the Express option.

During holiday periods, all freight slows. This also occurs in the lead up to Xmas from about October through to the week before Xmas as retailers are loading up their inventories and it also affects transit times in January with many staff on holidays.

We recommend you visit the freight provider's website to learn more about transit timeframes.

We cannot lodge a Service Request with freight provider regarding a consignment yet to be delivered if it is still within their recommended delivery timeframes.

Damage In Transit

Please be aware that parcels sent by Australia Post do not have transit insurance by default.

Parcels sent via Sendle include free transit insurance up to $1500 per consignment.

In the case of an Australian Post consignament, this means if a parcel is lost, stolen or damaged, we are unable to lodge a claim on our freight provider.

Its not our policy, it's the terms of conditions of Australia Post.

Obviously, if Australia Post were happy to accept claims for damge or loss, then we would also offer that to our customers, but the unfortunate reality is that damage is not covered unless insurance has been pre-purchased.

If you are concerned about the risks associated with freight damage, you must contact us to arrange Transit Insurance prior to the parcel being sent from our Roastery. Once your order has left our premises, you cannot add insurance.

Insurance is $3.30 (incl.GST) per $100 of transit cover.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Australia Post Express Parcels have no delivery timeframe guarantees.

When Australia Post launched the Express Post service, it offered guarantee delivery timeframes for many capital city destinations.

Originally, it was a letter and small documents based service that was expanded to parcels.

The key point to understand here is that these guarantees are only available from pre-packaged items such as satchels, AusPost branded cartons, etc. bought over the counter at Australia Post retail shops. The delivery timeframe guarantees do not apply to merchants using Express Parcels - this is the same policy that affects all AusPost merchants.

It's a very important distinction as we have encountered customers in rare instances demanding a refund for Express Parcels that did not arrive within expected timeframes, e.g. next business day. 

Just to repeat - There is no refund for Express Parcels that fail to arrive within some defined timeframe - refunds are not available to merchants because it only applies to over-the-counter AusPost branded products sold in their Australia Post retail shops.