Coffee pack sizes

Author: Head Roaster   Date Posted:10 June 2016 

Does it seem strange why we don't try to sell smaller packs of coffee - well, there is a deliberate reason and it has to do with maintaining freshness and eliminating wastage.



It might seem strange why we don't offer small sizes of coffee bags for sale on

Well, there is a deliberate strategy that we have adopted for the last 10 years and it's all about giving our customers the best possible value for their coffee spend.

Packaging is expensive and coffee bags are perhaps in the higher cost segment of food packaging.

There are a few reasons why coffee bags are expensive - quality bags employ a special 3-layer construction with a metalized middle layer to act as the freshness barrier.

They also have a precision 1-way pressure activated valve that allows carbon dioxide, the off gassing from fresh roasted coffee, to exhaust via the valve and prevent the ingress of oxygen. Thre are of course other features on coffee bags such as zip locks and the important heat seal.

A modern and high performance coffee bag with a pouch shape and zip lock can't be automatically filled and sealed on coffee machines - they require manual labour to open, form, fill, seal and store. The problem is that the zip locks need to be opened before filling as the pre-made bags are stored horizontally and pressure closes the zip lock before use.

In most cases, the cost of a 250g bag is almost the same as a 1kg bag in terms of just pure packaging costs and then it's four times the labour cost to fill, seal and handle.

Small packs are the domain of supermarkets and retail stores that don't care so much about freshness - they will happily keep stock on their shelves until it sells.

For us at, it's a completely different story. We have to manage freshness all day, every day and our stock is rotated and moved on after 48hrs if it's not sold - such is the extreme of our quality standard.

When too many options don't work

Having many pack sizes for each coffee combined with a braod range of different coffees means you are constantly throwing away packaging - which is expensive and wasteful.

To achieve our objectives of freshness, quality and great value - we will only ever pack in 500g and 1kg bag sizes.

Please kindly note that if you place an order online for a 1kg bag and then request we pack it into 2x 500g bags, the request to re-pack will be politely declined.

In 10 years of selling premium quality coffees, we encounter continue to enncounter the issue of customers wanting us to repack bags of coffee into smaller packaging on a daily basis. These days everyone knows smaller packaging is more expensive and to expect a small pack to be the same proportional cost of a large pack is unreasonable.

The other reason we will not alter your customer order with alternative, different pack sizes is due to strict picking and packing processes - everything needs to be precise and accurate as computer stock records and cross-checking systems are implemented to ensure order and packing match.

However, whilst this may sound like a back-flip, we do reserve the right to supply you with equivalent sized packs if we have unexpectedly run out of the ordered pack size for that specific coffee. This policy is in the interests of getting your coffee order out the door as fast as possible, rather than losing a day to roast more coffee - it's not a double standard to suit us.

For example, if we have run out of 1kg Kenya packs but have 2x 500g Kenya packs readily on hand, we may make up the required volume with the smaller packs.

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