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PODS and Capsules are different......

Please ensure you select the correct product for your equipment

We hope this can assist you in clarifying the confusing world of pods and coffee capsules.

Before reading further, please understand we do not sell or support equipment and therefore we do not undertake detailed testing of every single piece of equipment available in the market - so, we cannot answer questions about compatibility.

We are quality coffee roasters manufacturing precise coffee which we sell consumables to the international standards for the supported list of Nespresso* compatible capsule coffee machines**.

Coffee Capsules Vs Coffee Pods

There is a lot of confusion in the market as to what is actually a "pod" or a "capsule" - often the terms are interchanged.

The situation is not helped by the majority of equipment makers after a "fast buck" by flogging gear with little or no concern as to the long-term use of consumables by the customer - or worse, being sneaky by locking in consumers to a closed system forcing you to purchase their mediocre quality consumables for the life of the equipment.

It is important to stress that ESE Coffee Pods are not Nespresso compatible capsules - they look different and brew differently - please ensure you understand the difference.

Without getting too hung up on specifics, the general evolution of single-serve portion control coffee beverages (a.k.a the pod or capsule) has categorized a pod as similar to the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) standard popular in Europe whereas a capsule is something similar to the Nespresso system used by the likes of Aldi, Nespresso, Lavazza, MAP, Caffitaly, Illy, etc.

Capsule systems are not inter-changeable - you can't use a pod or capsule on your machine if it was not designed or produced for that precise system.

The fit needs to be very precise otherwise the specialty coffee beans extraction will fail - resulting in brown water devoid of the essential oils and flavors of coffee.

What's Unique About Our Nespresso Coffee Capsules

Our coffee capsules are compatible with many Nespresso branded machines - however, they will NOT work on Caffitaly, Aldi, Lavazza, Philips, Illy, Miele or MAP capsule machines.

We roast in small batches compared to almost every other supplier in Australia. This ensures we can turn over our stock in weeks, not months or even years. So you the customer get better, fresher coffee than you would buy at the supermarket for example.

Our capsules are packed immediately with an atmospheric flush to remove oxygen, then wrapped in the most effective barrier protection material (foil) and then heat sealed.

Unfortunately, there are many Nespresso compatible capsules on the market these days with ineffective barrier protection - they use a variety of plastics which do not preserve freshness. The essential compounds of coffee leach through plastics via a process called effusion - therefore rending the integrity of the capsules in plastic degraded after just a couple of weeks.

Only metalized materials provide the appropriate protection of freshness.

Please also note that imported coffee pods and capsules are degraded by the moment they arrive via sea-freight in Australia. They will have also suffered from extreme heat exposure in shipping containers that accelerates the deterioration of the product quality.

Buy local, but fresh coffee beans.

We got Nespresso compatible coffee capsules for sale!

* Nespresso is a trademark owned by Societe Des Products Nestle SA and is used in our documents, articles, and listings in a descriptive capacity only. We are not affiliated with, supported or endorsed by Nespresso (Societe Des Products Nestle SA). Our intent is to define a purpose that our coffee capsules are compatible with and operate successfully in capsule machines that use certain licensed Nespresso technology.

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