Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules - box of 50

  • Acidity: Medium with some delicate structure
  • Body: Rich, medium, balanced
  • Aroma: Cocoa, spice, nut, cloves
  • Flavour: Caramel, vanilla, malt and chocolate

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Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Most retailers, including the supermarkets have aged stock of capsules for sale on their shelves.

In many cases, these capsules have been imported from overseas - meaning that the product is likely to be at least 3 - 6 months old. These imported products have also been exposed to excessive heat inside of shipping containers that rapidly degrades quality.

I'm sure you have asked this question before - why put up with stale and poor tasting capsules?

We have been manufacturing portion control capsules and pods for more than 6 years - long before the recent growth of the consumable supply market that has essentially enabled just about any coffee roaster offer their various qualities of coffee in a Nespresso compatible capsule.

We have done all the hard to engineer a quality capsule product - it's based on our extensive 10-year experience in the specialty coffee segment where we have learnt that certain things work and some things don't when it comes to the preferences of the Australian coffee consumer.

Capsule single serve portion control uses very low coffee dose (compared to traditional espresso, e.g. cafe) and therefore in order to lift the coffee it requires something desgned for this special purpose.

Our deep experience in this market (we are also the #1 online supplier of ESE Pods in Australian domestic market) provides an unmatched level of product development and quality control to ensure your capsule delivers a rewarding experience.

We are confident our capsules produce a quality extraction from your Nespresso* compatible capsule machine and offer a degree of versatility across both black and milk-based brews.

Customers tell us you can actually drink our capsule coffee black which is almost a miracle given the small capsule machines tend to run cold and the extraction pressures can be variable.

Buy a carton of 50 premium grade fresh-roasted Australian-made Nespresso compatible coffee pods - delivered to your door, anywhere around Australia.

We roast the coffee for these capsules in small batches to ensure the stock is always fresh - converting the coffee every 6 to 8 weeks.

What type of equipment is suitable for Nespresso compatible coffee pods?

Our coffee capsules are suitable for Nespresso type U, Lattissima, Inissia, Maistria, Essenza, Citiz and Pixie compatible capsule machines. 

Our coffee capsules are not suitable for MAP, Lavazza, Aldi, Caffitaly, Miele or the larger Nespresso commercial/automatic systems typically installed in hospitality or beverage outlets.

Our capsules are fresh roasted in Melbourne, in our best-in-class roasting platform, heat-sealed and transported by us to our capsule conversion partner who is also located in Melbourne. This ensures we control every stage of the product development locally and all external environment variables are tightly managed.

Our Nespresso-compatible coffee pods are totally Australian-made and we believe that our coffee capsules are far superior in terms of the quality coffee we use in each capsule. Our overall approach to freshness compared to the majority of imported coffee capsules currently sold in the Australian market is what sets us apart.

Capsules are an easy to use, pre-packed serving of coffee that ensures consistent flavour, aroma and strength with a minimum of mess.

Capsule solutions are perfect for the home or business environment were a quality cup of coffee can be created easily and effectively without the skill or maintenance required from traditional espresso equipment.

Don't buy stale imported Nespresso coffee pods

Imported coffee capsules make up the majority of the local Nespresso capsule market in Australian, including the branded retail items that are roasted off-shore.

One of the reasons the coffee standard is so high in Australia is due to a commitment by many Australian coffee roasters to using quality raw beans and more importantly to manage freshness.

In other parts of the world, the access to quality coffees is limited or coffee roasting processes are influenced primarily by cost over quality - they use cheap, low-grade coffees.

Importers of coffee capsules generally buy in bulk to save on shipping costs, then store their bulk capsules in warehouses for many months at a time. The bulk shipment approach used by capsule importers is not in the best interests of coffee quality or freshness (it actually promotes degradation of the product) - so it can therefore be difficult to understand or believe capsule importers are offering their product in the best interests of quality !

Coffee is a fresh food - it is not possible to store roasted coffee for extended periods and expect ideal results. No system will prevent the degradation of roasted and ground coffees. Coffee begins to go stale 7 days after roasting and the environment in which it is stored will govern the rate of the degradation.

Capsule stocks need to be turned over rapidly to ensure you are receiving fresh coffee in your capsules and the finished products need to be carefully stored.

Shipping and Packaging of coffee pods

Our capsules are individually wrapped in a foil barrier that is atmospherically flushed and heat sealed immediately after the capsule is created to preserve quality.

The carton of 50 capsules is supplied in a plain carton for shipping with an external label to advise on batch date and basic information relating to machine compatibility.


The term capsule and pod are largely overused words in the coffee industry and people often confuse the interchange of capsules and pods.

Machine manufacturers are both vague and deceptive when marketing their equipment and claiming support for capsules and pods (because they want to lock you into their consumables - pods or capsules) .

Please be sure of your own machine model and confirm your understanding that we sell capsules to be used in Nespresso U, Lattissima, Citiz or Pixie type systems.

If you own a MAP, Philips Senseo, Aldi, Lavazza Blue, Illy, Caffitaly or Miele equipment  - these will not work with our mycuppa Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

Nespresso commercial automatic capsule machines that use the "flying saucer" type of sealed capsule will NOT work with our Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. These commercial machines utilize a proprietary system - so you are locked into purchasing the consumables directly from Nespresso.

Our capsules are manufactured on a system in Melbourne that is used throughout the world in more than 45 countries. In excess of 10 million capsules are produced every day around the world from these systems - they will not jam your machine.

Before you purchase a box of our Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, please check your owners manual or if you are in any doubt, please confirm with your machine manufacturer or supplier as to the compatibility of coffee capsules.

As you can appreciate, we are not in a position to test or validate our capsules on the every increasing range of equipment that is sold in Australia or other parts of the world.

For these reasons, we ask that you please Do Not send us questions asking if certain capsules suit your machine - we are unable and unwilling to answer such questions due to consequential liabilities that may arise.

We can assure you 100% that our coffee capsules are made to the precise standard and that grind and dose testing has been expertly measured and adjusted during the capsule conversion process. This calibration process is performed on 10kg of coffee before the conversion run is commenced.

Even authentic Nespresso capsules can experience a brew failure - we have had many such cases in our extensive testing using genuine Nespresso capsules.

 NOTE: We have found there are significant differences in operating performance amongst the various branded Nespresso capsule machines.

Even the same model machines from De Longhi and Breville (which are actually made by De Longhi under license anyway) can run at different temperatures and slightly different extraction times.

Temperature is the most important aspect in running a capsule machine and the differences observed have totally astounded us during side-by-side comparisons of same model equipment - some worked well, others not so.

 We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your equipment.

No refund will be given to buyers who mis-read the information provided or purchase our mycuppa Nespresso compatible capsules thinking you can try to see if they work and hope for a refund if they don't - please perform your due-diligence beforehand.

Nespresso U machine customers please note:-

Customers owning the Nespresso U machines are advised to get a full extraction you will need to use the largest extraction setting and stop the pour once you have enough coffee. 

Due to the design of the U machines, water can leak into the waste tray for the first few seconds until it builds up enough pressure. This is a machine design issue, not a capsule issue.

The other Nespresso machines are fine (except the commercial and automatic loading version) to just use normal extraction settings.

* Nespresso is a trademark owned by Societe Des Products Nestle SA and is used in our documents, articles and listings in a descriptive capacity only. We are not affiliated with, supported or endorsed by Nespresso (Societe Des Products Nestle SA). Our intent is to define a purpose that our coffee capsules are compatible with and operate successfully in capsule machines that use certain licensed Nespresso technology.


Our capsules are prepared from the highest flavor (and most expensive) coffees in our portfolio.

Reason is simple - capsules contain an incredibly low dosage of coffee - barely 5 grams.

Most cafes in Australia serve their coffees with between 14 and 22 grams of coffee - so this gives you an idea as to what needs to happen with capsules in order to produce adequate flavor.

We design the capsule blend to give maximum levels of chocolate, caramel and malt notes - these give great balance when the brewed coffee has milk added.

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