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Why pre-ground coffee is not a good idea
Choosing the right coffee
What's all this noise about Coffee being a Fresh Food ?

Date Posted: 5 January 2017

We talk about why it's important to source your coffee as fresh as possible... Read More

How long does coffee last and how much should I buy ?

Author: Roaster   Date Posted: 24 June 2016

and how much should I buy... Read More

Important information on shipping

Author: JFR Logisitics Team   Date Posted: 14 June 2016

we have a long history in shipping parcels all around Australia. Please read our article on how freight is managed by our operation.... Read More

Coffee pack sizes

Author: Head Roaster   Date Posted: 10 June 2016

Does it seem strange why we don't try to sell smaller packs of coffee - well, there is a deliberate reason and it has to do with maintaining freshness and eliminating wastage.... Read More

What is the optimal quantity of coffee to purchase ?

Author: Head Roaster   Date Posted: 1 June 2016

When you understand the dynamics of coffee, then you can work out the optimal ordering quantity and interval. ... Read More

Light, Medium and Dark roasting styles

Author: Head Roaster   Date Posted: 1 June 2016

we try to explain some key differences in light, medium and dark roasted coffees.... Read More

Single Origins versus Blends

Author: Head Roaster   Date Posted: 4 April 2016

it's important to know when the time is right to embark on the journey of single origin discovery.... Read More

Why do we charge extra to grind coffee beans
Changes to our Shipping offer

We have changed our shipping partner to Sendle from mid August 2017... Read More

What to expect from our coffee roasting style