Important information on shipping

Author: JFR Logisitics Team   Date Posted:14 June 2016 

This article outlines the way we deal with your postage - we have a long history in shipping parcels all around Australia. Please read our article on how freight is managed by our operation.


Freight and logistics services within Australia is neither precise or predictable.

It's also incredibly expensive compared to other countries because of congestion, poor road infrastructure and tolls now encircling many capital cities.

Having run large online retail businesses for a decade, we have some useful insights into consumer behaviours and over time we have accumulated more than our fair share of scars from dealing with all the freight providers.

Who delivers the parcel to me ?

From mid August 2017, we will be directing more of our customer orders to the Sendle road service.

First and foremost - the overwhelming majority of our freight is consumer/residential.

Yes, we do have businesses that purchase directly from us, but the volume of consumers is far greater.

That means most courier and logistics companies don't want to deal with our type of freight - put simply, they are more than happy to handle business to business, but delivering to houses where there is unlikely to be someone to sign for the parcel and all the other issues associated with residential freight seem beyond the majority of freight companies in Australia, therefore they are not interested in our freight, despite their marketing messages.

Most courier companies will levy a re-delivery fee of up to $15, or they charge a $4.40 residential delivery surcharge if it's not a business premises. These are real costs we wish to avoid and we have no intention of on-charging our customers, so it's important to understand the viability of offering time-sensitive and alternative freight service options to our customers.

Another challenge with traditional couriers and freight companies is their limited facilities for allowing customer to collect parcels after an original attempted delivery has failed. Most of the major freight companies only operate in capital cities and often pass-off the freight to 3rd parties in regional areas, effectively losing control. Other issues like not allowing delivery to PO Boxes or Parcel lockers or certain areas of remote Australia.

All these reasons mean that our residential freight is neither attractive or viable for most courier companies.

In the past, we have copped some flack from customers who have been upset by Australia Post delivery performance (even from other merchants) and demanded that we offer alternatives. The reality is that every freight provider has limitations or the service comes at an uncompetitive cost, hidden surcharges or a bunch of compromises.

After 300,000 parcels delivered, we know what works and how offer a consistent and reliable service and it's always our #1 priority to get your parcel on the road as fast as possible.

How much does postage cost ?

Shipping is calculated based upon your postcode and the items you have selected within your shopping cart - therefore, postage is a combination of distance, cubic volume and/or net weight. For Melbourne metro customers, this is a low rate up to 18kg.

For many locations, an option may also exist to purchase express freight for a small uplift fee - this fee increases for remote locations and from time to time we may switch off the Express freight option.

For those of you that are not familiar with how freight is calculated, it's based upon the greater of either the gross weight or cubic volume and then it increases by the distance travelled from our lodgement point in Melbourne, Australia.  

We are often asked by customers "how much is freight or shipping" ? without being provided with your location or postcode or what item (or items) you are interested in purchasing. As you can appreciate, the answer to this "how much is shipping" can't be provided when we don't have all the required information.

Each of our product pages has a postage calculator - all you need to enter is the quantity and postcode and it will calculate automatically.

An important point to keep in mind is that we don't use pre-paid satchels - never, ever !. All of our products are sensitive and will get crushed or damaged in satchels.

Everything is packed into brand new cartons with track & trace for security.

Transit Insurance is different depending upon the provider.

AusPost parcels have NO transit insurance provided.

Sendle includes transit insurance up to a maximum of $1500 per consignment free of charge.

What this means is that means if your parcel is lost or damaged in transit and it was sent using AusPost, it's not covered by any form of replacement as AusPost does not cover losses unless transit insurance is pre-purchased - something that needs to be paid and setup before the parcel is dispatched.

This is a back-to-back arrangement with AusPost and not something we have a choice or discretion - if they lose it, or if they damage it, they won't compensate us or you except in extreme and rare circumstances. It's not a function of consumer rights or laws - freight companies hide behind "we are common carriers" clauses in their contracts - which is an effective get out of jail free.

If you are selecting AusPost as the carrier, you are welcome to request transit cover for your consignment prior to us sending your parcel - you will need to contact us before the parcel is lodged.

The costs for AusPost transit insurance are approx. $3 per $100 of cover and it's important to remember this must be paid for prior to your parcel leaving our premises - once it has left our premises, we can't add or change the transit insurance status.

What about arrival time guarantees ?

Express freight is not guaranteed in terms of delivery arrival timeframe. All we can guarantee is that if you purchase the express option, we will ensure it is configured and dispatched correctly according to the express service.

Money back guarantees that AusPost offer with their Express Service are limited to AusPost branded merchandise purchased over the counter in an AusPost retail store - it does not extend to AusPost merchants. We are not happy with the conflicts on this marketing message, but we can't do anything about it.

We make no warranties as to the precise arrival date of your parcel as these factors are not under our direct control or influence.

If you purchase the express option for your parcel and it does not arrive within the expected time frame according to the freight providers guidelines, please note that our freight contract with our supplier does not allow for a refund of the express freight charge - this is a standard AusPost merchant condition.

This feature is only available from certain products sold in retail outlets by Australia Post and does not apply to freight contracts with merchants like

Why didn't my parcel ship the same day ?

Having a super fresh roasted coffee is the most important factor in our quality program.

There may be occasions whereby we have run out of a roasted coffee during the day if we recieve unusual levels of customer orders within a short time frame and therefore we are unable to ship your order that afternoon.

We are unable to predict ahead of time the sales and orders - so we exist within a delicate balance between ensuring we retain only fresh roasted coffee within 24 to 48 hrs of roasting versus keeping an infinite level of stock to satisfy incoming customer orders.

We hold only relatively small inventories of fresh roasted coffee and once it reaches 48hrs, the coffee is then moved on to our larger peer operation for sale via other channels.  It's a difficult balancing act to process order and keep fresh roasted stock - both are in constant tension.

You can read more information about the optimal quantity of coffee to purchase.