About Us


Just Fresh Roasted is an innovative, niche brand from Australia's leading premium online coffee supplier.

This is no start-up business - it's a focused segment specialization from an established, successful, dedicated online Australian coffee company.

Coffee is a fresh food and needs to be treated with absolute urgency. We roast, pack and send to you direct - none of this stale rubbish sitting on shelves.

We have the experience, processes, systems and the solid reputation for excellence built up over 12 years of delivering outstanding quality and value to online coffee lovers all over Australia and New Zealand.

justfreshroasted.com.au is our premium single origin coffee brand - a niche market offering that shakes up the senses with direct access to the freshest and most exciting range of coffees in the Australian and New Zealand market.

Our group has been operating as Australia's leading, dedicated online coffee supplier for more 11 years and in terms of size, we are regarded as a large coffee company - occupying a position within the top 5% - 10% of the Australian coffee market in terms of scale and capacity.

We operate in a 1,100m2 purpose-built facility has the best specialty roasting plants in Australia, including a recent installation of the world's most advanced roasting system - Brambati BR-series. This enables us to produce super-fresh coffee for the demanding world of online retailing in the shortest possible timeframe - with precision and consistency.

We roast every day, 6 days a week, pack and send coffee within hours of it being roasted - a service you simply cannot obtain from a supermarket, retail store or even a cafe supplier. They are all too slow and used to working in cycles of many days, weeks and months. We think in minutes and hours.

Our experience has been built from a successful record in processing more than 350,000 customer orders from every corner of Australia - all delivered with speed, efficiency, exceptional quality and value.

You can shop with confidence - we are always here for the long haul and would cherish the prospect of having you join us on a coffee journey.

The only way to achieve our impressive outcomes is with extreme focus - we don't get distracted with cafe or wholesale activities that might take priority over the online side of most coffee businesses. Processing your online order fast is all that we do, so it must be done well.

Roast, pack, send - it must be executed remarkably well as there are no second chances with online retail. Every order is critically important for us.


How do you compare ?

A large majority of online coffee retailers in Australia are either an ad-hoc part-time interest ("play thing") residing inside of an existing coffee company or it's an opportunitistic drop-shipper adding zero value and wanting fast bucks......... There are also an unusually high amount of casual, home-based backyard operators with dodgy equipment and no compliance trying to make a few dollars selling coffee on the side.

Many of the online retailers are just barely existing and in some cases just flying by the seat of their pants - for most it's not a mission critical operation or fundamental for their ongoing business survival.

Most of the newer online coffee retailers are relatively inexperienced and still learning how to roast coffee, or they are relying upon drop-ship services that are popular for 3rd party merchandise like fashion, etc. Drop shippers only exist for a short time to take a cut from your order $$ for basically doing nothing of value and diverting your order to another company for fulfillment.

All these links in the chain impose delays, errors and result in mediocre, stale products built to a budget price.

As 11 year verterans of the online retailing market, we know what it takes to provide a market leading customer experience for premium online coffees. Over more than a decade we have evolved our operation by developing a unique range of advanced tools, systems and business processes to ensure our customer orders are processed fast - it's our #1 priority.

Most coffee companies in Australia will shout about their medals - yes, we have won a few......more than 30 in the last 7 years, including Gold, Silver and Bronze medals - even the coveted Best in Show, Event Champion Roaster.


Why Just Fresh Roasted ?

With Australia reaching "peak" coffee around mid-2015, the coffee market has gradually evolved into a crowded, saturated, sanitised and rather boring arena.

Having worked with coffee in various forms for over 36 years, we have an acute understanding that all coffee drinkers demand more from their cup. Cleaner and sweeter coffees, rich in flavor with a long, smooth finish.

Rather than play the same game as everyone else by either slogging it out in the cafe or supermarket segments where price is all that matters and quality is never the distinguishing factor, we decided to take a different path and develop this key area of specialization - offering high quality, fresh roasted coffee to your home or office.

Anyone with an interest in coffee knows that Africa is the spiritual birthplace and undisputed leader in providing some of the world's best coffees - packed full of intensity and complexity, African coffees punch well above their weight with unique and distinctive flavors and our coffees are rich with African elements that exploit this amazing continent.

The range of coffees in our store have been specifically selected by our roaster. Whilst Just Fresh Roasted has a strong focus on high grade African coffees, we also offer coffees from other origins that exhibit outstanding characteristics.

JustFreshRoasted is a curated service for what we believe are true representations of each origin.

For us, it's important that we are constantly improving our products so they continue to remain leaders in their categories and we achieve this goal using a seasonal approach to sourcing all our coffees - we buy smaller micro lot offferings and these are rotated based upon a superior cup profile from each crop.

Everything from our best-in-class modern, state of the art roasting platforms, our climate controlled facility and a rather extreme and obsessive attention to freshness and quality - all these essential components contribute to keeping our operations at the forefront of a highly competitive Australian coffee market.

JustFreshRoasted.com.au is a business unit of Carlini Enterprises Pty Ltd - all coffee products are sourced, roasted, packed and distributed in-house - nothing is out-sourced and it all comes from our world-class Melbourne facility - regarded as the best in Australia.