6AM [Pack Size: 500g]

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  • Body: Medium
  • Aroma: Dark chocolate, salted caramel
  • Acidity: High, lemony citric
  • Flavour: Grapefruit, lemon, black currant, toffee and dark chocolate

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6 AM is a seasonal blend crafted to deliver a rich and rewarding cup without any sort of harshness or bitterness.

Consisting of premium grade Central American and African arabica coffees, we have created something that satisfies the early morning craving for solid flavour.

Many strong-tasting coffee blends typically contain lower grade, harsh and rough coffees that provide "bite" and higher caffeine levels from a proportion of cheap robusta.

An example is most Italian styled coffee blends that are common around the world, including imported coffees and even some of the super-market style coffees roasted in Australia.

These old-school style of coffee blends are likely to contain anywhere from 10% to 50% robusta. Robusta delivers almost 2.5 times the caffeine compared to the equivalent dosage of arabica.

Higher caffeine levels do not mean higher or stronger flavor.

We don't like or use robusta for the simple reasons it taste like leather, wood, cigar, tobacco, ash and tar - it's not nice or pleasant at all.

Over many years, experiments conducted using the highest grades of robusta have always ended up with the result of these test blends degrading significantly - of course, there can be more caffeine and "bite", but it came at the cost of taste, sweetness and basically dirtied the cup. Robusta has it's place, particularly for instant coffee, energy drinks and capsules/pods. Robusta does not have a place in our warehouse.

The Australian coffee market is too competitive to offer inferior tasting coffee - else your business goes backwards as customers expect better and improving tastes in their coffees.

6AM Blend is about clean, sweet flavours.

As a relatively higher acid coffee, we deliberately roast this blend to match in milk-based espresso - because we know that accounts for around 90% of the prepared coffee beverages in Australia.

Fresh roasted, first thing in the morning, then shipped out to you in the afternoon - you cannot get fresher coffee anywhere.

Try it today - you won't be disappointed.


6AM Blend started life as a stronger custom blend offering for a specialty cafe in Melbourne.

This cafe was operating in a significantly crowded area - right in the epicentre of the CBD with more than 100 competitor cafes within easy walking distance.

To stand out from the crowd, a custom blend of higher flavored coffees was developed with great success.

Soon, customers were lining up at this cafe all day for a very simple reason - the coffee tastes like coffee, not warm milk from the other cafe outlets nearby.

As a seasonal blend, the taste and flavour will vary every 7 to 8 weeks as we stage in new arrivals.

Expect the essential rich caramel and toffee base, then jump up with some sparkling acid, black currant and dark chocolate with a hint of berry.

6am Blend - Crema Bomb

25 October 2021
This 6am Blend should be called "All Day", as it is smooth enough to have at anytime. Nice medium-medium+ body, Caramel aroma, lingering pleasant acidity on the tongue. Great as a Ristretto, Espresso, Long Black or in milk based drinks as it as more than enough intensity to cut through the milk. Tried from the beginning of week 2 post roast to early in week 3 when it was starting to loose some of its sparkle, still very drinkable. Need to try in the first week post roast. Great layer of Crema especially in week 2 post roast. Vibiemme Domobar Espresso machine, Eureka Specialita grinder, Puretec Balance plus water filter. Maurice

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